Samsung Galaxy S4 Won’t Turn On? Try These Fixes

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If you haven’t root your Samsung Galaxy S4 yet and are still using its KitKat variant, then the possibilities are that you might be facing some issues with it. The most common problem with Samsung Galaxy S4 is that it won’t turn on. The causes can be many. So, in this article we will try to solve the “Samsung Galaxy S4 Won’t Turn On” issue.

6 Ways to Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Won’t Turn on Issue

1. Check the Display of your Samsung Galaxy S4

It might happen that your phone is working fine, but due to a faulty display, nothing is showing up. To check that:

  1. Switch off your device by long-pressing the power button.
  2. Now, after some time, Switch on your device and wait for some time.
  3. Assuming your device is now on without the display, ask someone to call you up.
  4. If you hear the phone Ringing, then the issue is with your display. Please take it to a technician and change the display.

If it didn’t ring then try other solutions below.

2. Soft Reset

  1. Take out the back cover and remove the battery out.
  2. Press and hold the button for 1 minute to drain off the electricity that is stored in capacitors and other electronic components inside.
  3. Now place the battery back in and turn your device on.

3. Charge your Samsung Galaxy S4 with other Cord

Here, we doubt on the charging port and the charging USB cable. It might be a situation wherein your device is not getting charged with the USB cable you are using and has no battery. So, follow the steps below to check it.

  1. Connect your device to a charging port using some other USB cable
  2. Keep the device for charging for at least 15-20 minutes.
  3. Now, check if the device is displaying the charging status. If Yes, then change your cord.
  4. If there’s nothing on the screen and your phone has heated up, then the possibility is that your battery has some issue or there is some fault with the charging port.
  5. If the device doesn’t heat then try other solutions.

4. Boot your Samsung Galaxy S4 in Safe Mode

  1. Press & Hold the Power button to Switch on the device.
  2. Once you see the Samsung logo on the screen, release the Power button and Press & Hold the Volume Down button of the phone.
  3. Continue holding the Volume down button until the phone starts.
  4. If the phone starts with “Safe Mode” written on the bottom left of the screen, then you can rest assured that your device doesn’t have any hardware issue, but there is something wrong with the Software, or you have installed some faulty application. You can try restarting the device to check if it solves the issue.

If the phone doesn’t start then try the next solution.

5. Wipe Cache Partition

Wiping the cache partition of your Galaxy S4 will not delete your apps and data. It will only clear the temporary files and some system logs. Sometimes, these temporary files might be the reason why your galaxy s4 won’t turn on.

  1. Press & Hold Power button + Home Button + Volume Up button simultaneously
  2. Once the phone vibrates, release only the Power button and keep holding the Home and Volume Up button
  3. Release the other two buttons once you see an Android Recovery logo on the screen
  4. Now, navigate to “Wipe Cache partition” using the Volume Down Button and press the Power button to select it.
  5. The phone will restart once the cache is cleared.

If the phone starts normally, then it is great if it didn’t try the final solution.

6. Factory Reset your Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. Power off your device and remove the battery.
  2. Put the battery back and Press & Hold Power button + Home Button + Volume Up button simultaneously.
  3. Release the power button as soon as the phone vibrates.
  4. Release the other two buttons after the Android Recovery logo appears on the screen
  5. Now, using the Power Down button, navigate to “Wipe data / Factory reset.”
  6. Press the Power button to select it.
  7. Navigate to “Delete all user data” on the next screen using the Volume down button and press the Power button to select it.
  8. Once the process is finished, select “Reboot Now” using the Power button.

This will clear all the data on your device, and your device will be as new as it was booted for the first time. If all the given steps above didn’t work for you, then its better you take the device to a Samsung service centre.

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